IMPRECATION "In Nomine Diaboli"

By Dr. Abner Mality

There's really not much to be said about albums like this. IMPRECATION is a Texas-based death metal band that's been around for decades, yet "In Nomine Diaboli" is only their third album. All the tropes and cliches of Satanic American death metal are here and will doubtless satisfy the small but fiercely loyal audience for which it's intended.

The band recently suffered a tragedy as they lost their drummer and keyboardist Ruben Elizondo. "In Nomine Diaboli" contains his last recorded work. The IMPRECATION sounds hovers between the intense, labyrinthine riffing of early MORBID ANGEL and the doom-soaked, putrid crawl of INCANTATION. "Ars Goetia" typifies the slower style of the band while "Bringer of Sickness" and "Forward The Spears" show their more war-like and aggressive side. You can almost smell brimstone in the air when a bit of synth adds a Gothic touch to "No Kingdom Awaits". The growling vocals of David Herrera are beyond typical.

The Devil doesn't require that all of his works be magnum opuses. "In Nomine Diaboli" is workman-like death metal, delivered by seasoned journeymen. That pretty much covers it.