LEATHER “We Are The Chosen”

By Theron Moore

LEATHER LEONE is better known as the frontwoman and frequent collaborator with the great David T. Chastain but what she doesn’t get enough credit for is being recognized as one the most important voices in American metal today. Her newest record, “We Are The Chosen”, is about as good as it gets. The message behind this album is simple: Don’t change and don’t give in. Be yourself and be proud of it. As simple as it sounds it’s what has made Leone the icon she is today. Never has she backed away from making heavy music her way, in her style. Her new disc is no exception.

“We Are The Chosen” harkens back to a time in the 80’s when bands like ACCEPT, WARLORD, CHASTAIN, and HELLOWEEN ruled the day and the NWOBHM was still a force to be reckoned with. This influence is clearly heard on the tracks “We Take Back Control” and “Dark Days” which is semi-reminiscent of ACCEPT during their “Restless And Wild” / “Balls To The Wall” / “Metal Heart” era. Two words come to mind: Intensity and Force.

I’m normally not a big fan of slow songs / ballads but “Hallowed Ground” caught my attention for two reasons. First, it’s dedicated to Leone’s late friend and god of rock N roll, Ronnie James Dio. Second, it reminded me of the classic METAL CHURCH track “Watch The Children Pray” due to its dark and brooding nature. Lastly, “Tyrants” and “Who Rules The World” are classic headbanging anthems sure to find a spot on future gig setlists.

Every song on this record is nothing short of solid steel. “We Are The Chosen” is a five star effort worthy of being placed in between DIO’s “Last In Line” and MAIDEN’s “Number Of The Beast” records. It’s refreshing to hear music made as a labor of love as opposed to today’s commercial garbage built specifically for rock radio or Live Nation’s summer touring season. Fuck both of ‘em. Spend your money buying this album because true metal is alive and well with LEATHER LEONE’s “We Are The Chosen”.

5/5 Stars