LABYRINTH OF STARS "Spectrum Xenomorph"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Wow, what a cosmic waste of time and effort this is. Sci-fi death metal has virtually become its own genre these days and as with all trends, it's overcrowded. Thus we have LABYRINTH OF STARS. This seems to be a project of guys from LANTLOS and VALBORG. Judging by the end result, I doubt if even they took it that seriously.

It's a short album, made of death metal said to be inspired by the more cosmic moments of MORBID ANGEL. Sounds good, but the songs are basic and rather soulless, with a mechanical feel that's amplified by excruciating clicky clacky drums and occasional space/computer noises injected at random. Songs like "Star Perverter", "Galactic Ritual" and "Ancient Machines In Authority" are certainly heavy enough but lack any memorability and are structured quite basically, including the typical bellowing vocals. The biggest insult is the 12 minute plus ending "song" "Transmission-Delta: Exile". Is it an overlong orgy of cosmic metal riffing? How about 8 straight minutes of a simple frequency tone, followed by four minutes of a spoken word "transmission" relating space nonsense? A pile of hot garbage is what it is.

Like I said, I doubt if even the band members care much about LABYRINTH OF STARS and I strongly suspect this will be their only album. A real disappointment.