DEATHLESS LEGACY - “Mater Larvarum”

By Iron Sheik

Gothic, heavy, atmospheric and catchy. That is how to best describe “Mater Larvarum” by Italian outfit DEATHLESS LEGACY. Musically the album has touches of WARLORD style neo-classical metal albeit a little less obvious and with a female lead singer.

“Mater Larvarum” opens with “Ora Pro Nobis” which sounds like an invocation of some kind. A little further in “Fade Into The Dark” has an air of familiarity to it with a piano intro so familar yet so far away sounding. Some of the keyboard work reminds me of 60s horror and "B" horror movie music which turns into an ethereal backing for the heavy guitar. “Altar of Bones” is a good example of this.

All in all a solid effort with exceptional musicians - Stg. Bones (guitar), Alex Van Eden (keyboards), Nicola D'Alessio (bass), Frater Orion (drums), Revyla Zireal (performer), and Steva (vox). If the cover of the album scares you off thinking it's death metal or something extreme, like it did to me at first, stop and give it a listen. I would say maybe Occult Horror Metal is another tag that doesn't fit, at least not this album, but if it gets you to listen to them, great. You'll get exceptional keyboard playing, guitar playing, and divine singing.