By Octopi Mills

It has been written that drummer Gabriel "Negru" Mafa, the main mastermind behind this band had left behind a concept for this album and was unrealized as such due to his passing some years ago. In this manner I am going to tread lightly on the man's posthumous works, and I don't wish to step on the tail of such a legacy.

This being said, the opening piece unwinds into a peaceful, if not somewhat weak piece of musical work that reaches up into the 13 minute range of things. The album is supposed to be part of a "Transylvanian trilogy" concept the band has envisioned. The music flows in a soft, peaceful manner throughout, merging warm ambiance with slower, smoother "metal" pieces and has a somewhat electronic nature due to the use of synth. The main vocal styling has the old growling, bearish approach taken by many of the like genres and stylings. As I’ve said before, the album has a mellow, slow sort of feel to it, not unlike the timings once employed by PINK FLOYD, but with a more folkish styling involved. The song’s pace remains close to the same, and I grasp to struggle at what much else could be said of it all, finding no more real words. I must commend the men for keeping the man's vision alive after the grave and will say it should not be a disappointment to their true fan base.