THYRFING “Vanagandr”

by Octopi Mills

“Vanagandr” is the forthcoming new full-length from long-running metal act THYRFING and they identify as Swedish Pagan, Viking metal. This album was co-recorded and co-produced by Jakob Herrmann (IN FLAMES, MACHINE HEAD, EVERGREY) at Top Floor Studios, in Gothenburg, Sweden with renowned producer/engineer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, U.D.O., KATATONIA). The production values are modern and usual in that it is professionally done and such. It is said the band takes its name from a cursed blade from certain tales.

You will find an "epic" sort of approach in small segments married in with the main approach of Swedish metal by way of guitar, bass, drums and rounded off with keyboards, which lend a traditional sort of metal style; in the word of tradition that we find within much of the Viking metal and Pagan style is itself of the earlier styles. Whereas BATHORY set the bar incredibly too high for the whole Viking Metal class, bands like THYRFING take it and smelt it with other metals and it glows as a different brand. The use of clean vocals are employed in a guild like manner at times but the brunt of the force is a growling rasp that befits the aforementioned things they are on about, as I have harped about enough now without letting my tongue flap too freely at this time.

"Fredlos" opens with a bit of a folkish second and retains this in intervals that are swallowed by the growler on the vocals, one called Jens Ryden. The main flow of energy is fierce and horseman like, as if riding into battles rather than sipping ale by a camp and crooning tales.There will not be found much of an atmosphere for the aforementioned listener, but that is THYRFING's way. LARPers we all are in some way or other, and this cannot be stated without speaking truly and setting out the atmosphere for a fist fight.. or a keyboard war. Fans of the band should not be disappointed in hearing a new set of songs forged here- to wet their horns and beards with and possibly their blades if the one-eyed one calls.