By Dr. Abner Mality

This record is so baked, it almost generates its own haze of bong smoke. Some of the druggiest doom to come down the pike in a while, courtesy of these Russians who I hope are not trying to take Bakhmut as I write this.

Their approach is simplicity itself, offering no twists to the formula and delivering bass-heavy riffs that wallow like a hippo in mud. MEGALITH LEVITATION bow very deeply at the altar of such elder gods as ELECTRIC WIZARD, SLEEP and UFOMAMMUT. Just 5 tracks here and all are mega-heavy and trippy riff-fests. The title track leans into a long, acidic drone, with plenty of lysergic psych guitar wailing amidst the thunder. The vocals are an afterthought, very robotic and Gregorian at the same time, chanting without emotion or inflection. They are invocations, pure and simple. The thick, lumbering heaviness leads to the inevitable ending track “Of Eternal Doom”, which lives up to its title, starting out rather mournfully and a bit  cleaner, but gradually working its way up to a towering mass of WIZARD-style crush that repeats in the style of SLEEP. It’s music for true doom freaks….no stoner rockers or folks into piano-assisted Goth doom need apply. 

After burning a while in this obscure fire, you might feel like you can levitate a few megaliths yourself.