SCREAM 3 DAYS - “Rhesus Negative”

By Dark Starr

This band is described as melodic death metal. Well, I have to say that whatever you call them, they rock. I am not sure if these guys are just particularly good at what they do or if I'm starting to develop a taste for growled vocals. I've usually steered clear of that kind of singing, but it really works here. This band seems to have quite a bit of thrash in the mix, but they can also take things in directions that border on fusion and more. Yet, they do it all in an uncompromising, extreme metal way.

"Sa - Ta - Na – Ma" is an introductory instrumental piece seems to merge an almost fusion type sound with something close to IRON MAIDEN. It really does a nice job of providing contrast to what is about to come.

Driving out heavy, brutal and extreme, "Sodoma Impure Race" really is a shock from that opening number. It is so intense and has some killer guitar twists and turns. There is a drop later in the track to mellower, more melodic stuff as a short interlude with nearly spoken vocals. While we get another similar drop box section later, this is overall a fierce extreme metal excursion.

The guitar riffing that starts "The First and the Last" is classic. The tune is on fire as it charges out of the gate. There are definitely elements of early thrash here, but the growled vocals bring it more fully into the zone of extreme metal. It is so cool. Even fiercer and more extreme, "Divine Spark – DNA" is pounding intensity incarnate. The pounding definitely continues in style.

While to a large degree "Majestic 12" could be seen as "more of the same," there are some intriguing more melodic, but still heavy, sections to it. And, there is a bit of a drop down to mellower stuff. The song has some of the most dynamic music on the album, really. The ferocity and intensity continue on "Megiddo." It is another powerhouse cut as the onslaught shows no sign of letting up. The guitar solo on it brings a different angle. It's still fierce, but there is more of a melodic nature to it.

I love the bass work at the start of "Inanna." Of course, the guitar work is intense, too. There is plenty of old-school thrash in the mix as it gets underway. The vocals again bring the extreme metal edge with them. The cut turns toward technical metal in a later instrumental movement. It is so strong.

"Sun Serpent’s Light" is a little of a more of the same instance. That said, it never feels tired or redundant. It feels intense and on fire. The short instrumental piece titled "Imago" is of the more melodic metal variety, a bit like the number that started the album.

The title track closes the disc. It is one of the most dynamic numbers here. It has some driving, powerhouse sections, but it also drops to a mellower movement that feels tied to the previous track for more whispered vocals.