By Dr. Abner Mality

If you like extreme underground metal, seeing the name Hell’s Headbangers on the label is usually a pretty good indication of quality, or at least as much as you can find in a generally unoriginal scene. So it is with Detroit’s PERVERSION, a trio who admit they dabble in “archaic death metal”.

This is rough, mean and about as polished as a cancerous tumor. The band is a wild mix of old South American craziness, war metal, old school primitive death and a touch of first wave black metal. Some of it is so violent, it barely hangs together. But there’s enough structure and rifferama to avoid the worst excesses of war metal. First proper track “Bhagavad Genocide” is just about white noise, but later numbers such as “Fathomless Cruelty”, “Axioms of Domination” and “Migrations Into Darkness” speak of something with more thought put into it. Thought, maybe, but also a ton of filth and hatred, which oozes from the crude production like pus from a suppurating wound.

By now, you will know if PERVERSION is something you want to pursue further (or at least, you should...the band name itself is kind of a clue). This is another good Hell’s Headbangers release, if nothing spectacularly unique.