DEIQUISITOR “Apotheosis”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Erupting from the depths of Hell (or Copenhagen, Denmark, whichever is worse) comes this band of uncompromising nuclear death metal. I’ve run into these cats before, but “Apotheosis” is a major step up above their previous material...fiercer, more brutal and more off the wall.

You get disoriented right away with “Humanoid”. The riffing is off-kilter and queasy...not the usual “dissonant” style of modern death metal, but still warped and weird. The drumming throughout the album is not just intense and fast, but very challenging with jazz like tempos and stop-start timings. DEIQUISITOR draws inspiration from early 90’s death metal, when experimentation and sickness was the norm. “Apotheosis” is produced in the style of that period. Thick, raw and analog, with lots of reverb on the vocal growling. At times, they sound like early IMMOLATION and SUFFOCATION merged with the icky morbidity of old Finnish masters.

Lots of great and annihilating stuff here! “Autosarcophagy” ends with an awesome piston-like mechanical riff that repeats and hammers itself into your brain. “Apophis” and “Deiquisitor” are slabs of sickness, sounding thick and soupy like primordial ooze. “Atomic Assassins” is a riff factory with a lot of time changes, a constant barrage. By the time the album ends with “Praise The Lord”, you know you’ve been dragged into a sonic black hole, a lightless realm of no escape.

Great classic death metal here for those who remember the earliest days of the form, when anything was possible and everything was on the table!