INDUCTION - “Born From Fire”

By Iron Sheik

Nothing on this album stands out to me. It's just a bland by the numbers neo-power metal sounding album. That is not to say it is all bad. Au contraire ,mon frere. INDUCTION is a band that displays a lot of hope to fully realize their craft.

With musical leanings all over the place - power metal, symphonic touches, progressive, speed metal, and neo-classical - they have the formula to make great music. It is just that “Born From Fire” is not only ambitious but that it falls into the "been there, done that" category. They are stuck in the late 90s and early 00s with their sound. Think STRATOVARIUS’ Timo Kotipelto who Craig Cairns sounds like at times.

INDUCTION is a band of excellent musicians and a great vocalist. I feel they just need to work on delving into what makes them INDUCTION, and we'd have a phenomenal band making kick-ass music. For one, guitarist Tim Kanoa Hansen plays very similar to his father, Kai. This brings up those early days of GAMMA RAY touches in INDUCTION's music. Not at all a bad thing.

All in all I like the album “Born From Fire” for all the musical styles they play. I am all for following them and hearing them progress and grow. I hear in this album, “Born Of Fire”, a band heading for (a powerful) tomorrow. But they have a ways to go to get there.