KALEIDOBOLT “This One Simple Trick”

By Dr. Abner Mality

KALEIDOBOLT returns to do what they do best...kick the retro rock/proto metal scene in the ass with sheer unpredictable energy. Their last record “Bitter” not only opened my eyes, but yanked them out of my sockets like something from a Warner Brothers cartoon. Never have I heard such wild playing and chaotic vibes on a hard rock record.

Now comes the follow-up and that energy is still there, but channeled in a much different fashion. Whereas “Bitter” was relentlessly frantic in tempo, “This One Simple Trick” is more experimental and plays around with speed and mood a lot more. The 60’s psych influences are more pronounced and there’s a very obvious BEATLES touch to songs like “I Should Be Running” and “Meija-Liisa”, especially in the vocals and sometimes dreamy melody lines. So yes, this record is more melodic than its predecessor, but c’mon, this is KALEIDOBOLT we’re talking about. Even the pop-psych stuff has a weirdness and unpredictability to it...not unlike originators like CREAM and IRON BUTTERFLY. But when the guys kick in with bitching speed and power, like they do in the second half of “I Should Be Running”, they take your head off. Yes, Virginia, proto metal can jam just as hard as thrash...these guys prove it.

The strangeness continues on freakouts like “Border Control” and “Ultraviolent Chimpanzee”, with tons of wild, effects-drenched solos and thunderous drumming from new recruit Martin Gustafsson. You never know exactly what will be coming at you next, which is the way these guys planned it. If you pressed me hard, I’d still say I prefer “Bitter”, but “This One Simple Trick” shows KALEIDOBOLT are not going to be pinned in a box. They’re an essential band for fans of 60’s/70’s hard rock.