FLESHROT "Unburied Corpse"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Where FLESHROT excels is in the slower and more deliberate tempos. Somehow these guys have mastered the power of tank-like death metal. Their name, image and general approach is frankly generic and wallowing in a huge sea of such bands. One could easily say they are just another bloody drop in the death metal bucket.

But wow, those slow and deadly riffs! First track "Wrapped In Entrails" illustrates their gruesome skill to best effect. The song starts with a brutal pounding, the downtuned guitars promising much gore and ichor. Then about a minute and 20 seconds in, the pace picks up to an utterly devastating groove and your neck is in peril. The addition of church bells to the doomy trudge is a nice touch as well.

That kind of sound is FLESHROT's wheelhouse, reminiscent of slower AUTOPSY and FLUIDS. When the band plays fast, it rips but it just seems like a lot of other bands. Tracks like "Post Burial Extractions" is where they should stay. This record rises above its too typical roots to emerge as sick and effective death metal punishment..