SLUGCRUST – “Ecocide”

by Thor

After two EPs and a single, South Carolina’s long-gestating crusty grind outfit SLUGCRUST has unleashed 12 tracks of aural violence by way of their debut full-length called “Ecocide”.

SLUGCRUST comes out of the gates swinging with the opening track “Demise Promise” playing a slow, heavy groove befitting the band’s name that soon gives way to d-beat infused punk that’s hyper aggressive and extremely raw. Once the album kicks into kill-mode, here, it really never looks back until we get to the album’s other bookend.

In between, it’s a blast beat/d-beat extravaganza featuring hardcore inspired riffing and grinding, acidic vocals with guttural…lowlights? The album finishes with a slamming, death metal infused banger called “Event Horizon” that will leave you singed and smoldering. Did I mention the sore-ass neck? Yeah, that too.

This album is a dissonant, noisy, angry-as-fuck blitz. In the age of laptop metal, you’ll be hard pressed to find a rawer, scarier, and rougher-around-the-edges record than SLUGCRUST’s “Ecocide”. And while the album won’t appeal to everyone—if ever there was an album designed not to, it’s this one—diehard grindheads and dedicated crust punks will love “Ecocide” from start to finish.