POWERWOLF      “Interludium”

By Iron Sheik

Arriving on Good Friday just in time for Easter, POWERWOLF drop a powerful statement in the form of “Interludium”. Preceded by first single “Sainted By The Storm”, “Interludium” contains five more new tracks alongside four rarities from the band's past. It is power metal at its most bombastic, loudest, and fastest paced operatic style. Incorporating organ and other older instruments with the music POWERWOLF set themselves apart from other bands. POWERWOLF are a band that has risen through the ranks to become a front runner in metal. 

Enough about their history, now as for the six new tracks, they stand up against the older tracks albeit with a bit stronger direction. First single “Sainted By The Storm” stands out and has become my favorite. It's a catchy rocker. By the time we get to “Wolfborn” POWERWOLF have played at their bombastic best. Operatic vocals, layered choir vocals, organ, and catchy lyrics make “Interludium” an interesting and fun aural journey.

Bonus tracks to make this a full length  are the gems and rare tracks like “Midnight Madonna” and “Living On A Nightmare”. They really contrast well with the new tracks. Juxtaposition is a word that might fit. An old flame now intensified. It shows growth as well as gives the listener a chance to hear older nuggets that were hard to get.

I have been just a casual listener of these guys in more recent years. They have gained my attention more and more. There is no escaping the promotion or sharing of the videos. I will have to listen closer "hear" on out.