MEMORIAM “Rise To Power”

By Theron Moore

“Rise To Power” is the fifth record released  by MEMORIAM, a band founded by former BOLT THROWER singer Karl Willetts and BENEDICTION bassist Frank Healy. If you’re familiar with their first four records “Rise To Power” is more of the same. Good news or bad news? MEMORIAM goes where BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION didn’t go musically / creatively and these are the outer boundaries MEMORIAM explores.

Let’s be clear, MEMORIAM isn’t BOLT THROWER or BENEDICTION, it is its own beast with its own sound and identity but there is a hint of both bands which is noticeable in MEMORIAM’s music whether it’s the theme of war which runs through the lyrics, the delivery of Willetts’ vocals, or the way the compositions are arranged. The song “Total War” is a great example of this. 

What makes MEMORIAM interesting is how deep they delve into the mud and blood, the doom and gloom aspect while churning out a truly vicious brand of annihilistic heaviness and British inspired thrash. In many ways MEMORIAM become the musical equivalent of what they write about – this super-sized war machine grinding over the battlefield crushing everything in its path. “I Am The Enemy” and “Annihilation’s Dawn” exemplify this image.

“ Rise To Power” is out now, Reaper Entertainment released it February 3. It’s certainly for fans of BOLT THROWER but MEMORIAM have carved out their own niche of music over the course of their last four records – and especially this one – of doomy, death laden metal which falls somewhere in the musical spectrum between  BOLT THROWER and MY DYING BRIDE. Check out the track “The Conflict Is Within” if you need further clarification. “Rise To Power” is a must buy for sure.