EVILCULT "The Devil Is Always Looking For Souls"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I'm usually quite the sucker for raw, wild South American metal that seems to be perpetually stuck in 1986. EVILCULT from Brazil is the latest in a long string of such bands, obsessed with Satan, spiked wristbands and old speed metal.

Charm and nostalgia can carry you past the imperfections of such bands. That happens here to a certain extent. These guys get google-eyes and boners whenever they hear old German speed metal like DESTRUCTION and KREATOR. Once this feeling of nostalgia wears off, though, you're left with the cold hard fact that EVILCULT don't have much identity and their material is average at best.

It really does sound like a demo from the 80's and that means it sounds hollow and echoey, with a super dry guitar sound that sandpapers your ears. There's lots of evil tri-tones and curly, twisting speed riffs, not to mention gruff vocals that turn into high pitched coyote yelps on a dime. In addition to obvious old speed metal influences, there's also a sizable amount of straight heavy metal like old RUNNING WILD or even ACCEPT...just listen to the opening of  "Chants of the Night" or "Die In Hell". Toss in some EXCITER and VENOM as well.

It's entertaining enough depending on what mood your in, but never does it match the level of the bands they are inspired by. Raw, sincere energy is there and that counts for a lot. Does it push EVILCULT into the strata of topnotch bands? No, not really.