JUDICATOR “The Majesty Of Decay”

By Iron Sheik

Power metal from the US is picking up steam, and if JUDICATOR is any indication of it we needn't worry. JUDICATOR pull off an excellent example of US power metal that is on par with any of its European contemporaries. Throw in some progressive tendencies and you have “The Majesty Of Decay”, the sixth album in their cannon. An album that explores love, illness, death, and the Afterlife.

Written in the wake of lead singer John Yelland's brothers death, it is a concept album that is quite intense and ethereal throughout. It is considered a lyrical puzzle as it does not tell a linear story, but then how can you with a subject so close to you?

As for the music it is a roller coaster ride, probably following John Yelland’s emotions of the subject material. Songs have vocals that sound like they are dueting with a female, yet that only happens on the track, “Judgment”. “Judgment” features Angel Chatzitheodorou of ANGEL BLACK-WOLF on vocals. Then there are horns on “The High Priestess” that are actually well done with a heavier almost DEEP PURPLE vibe.

All in all “The Majesty Of Decay” is great example of US power metal. With an album cover reminiscent of 80s metal bands it fits the ethereal theme of the lyrics and music. A solid effort that will hopefully see these guys make the next step and gather a wider fan base.