BLOOD SPORT “Hot Blood and Cold Steel”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re enough of a metal greybeard, you might recall the band ACID from Belgium who plied their dirty trade in the early 80’s. They were a female fronted band who played a rough, rocking kind of speed metal. Here in late 2021, we have what seems to be a reincarnation of ACID in the form of BLOOD SPORT from Finland.

This is 1983 right down to the primitive “WTF” cover art and raw as hell production. “Machine Gun” opens the attack with a sound combining “Welcome to Hell” era VENOM and pre-”Aces” MOTORHEAD, only with the smooth female vocals of Ms. V. This reincarnates that 81 to 85 speed metal sound so perfectly, it will bring a tear to your eye.

And that’s it. We have five more tracks on this mini-album and every one of them is in the same vein as “Machine Gun” with just minor variations. It seems BLOOD SPORT has kind of shot their wad as far as inspiration goes. I love this sound enough to enjoy it, but an entire 40 minute full length of basically the same track on repeat would have been too much. Even ACID knew enough to mix it up a bit more than this.

“Hot Blood and Cold Steel” is a total nostalgia trip but what’s next for BLOOD SPORT? That’s the question…