ETERNITY’S END “Embers of War”

By Dr. Abner Mality

German power metal has always had its own bombastic character, from HELLOWEEN to BLIND GUARDIAN to IRON SAVIOR. Well, ETERNITY’S END define that sound and character in the best way possible and with “Embers of War”, they’ve created something that stands head and shoulders with the best of those bands mentioned above.

The pedigree here is impressive. On lead guitar is the super busy Christian Muenzner, who in just the last couple of months has unleashed records with OBSCURA and THULCANDRA. Whereas OBSCURA is technical death metal and THULCANDRA is melodic black metal, ETERNITY’S END embodies the glories of the German power metal scene. And what a fabulous job they do of it here. Christian’s compatriot Hannes Grossmann, a drum messiah if there ever was one, is along for the ride and delivers a blistering...and very natural sounding...percussive attack. Guitarist Justin Hormbach does a great job of keeping up with Muenzner’s performance, which is no mean feat. Bassist Linus Klausenitzer does a subtle job of boosting Grossmann’s drum barrage. And finally, singer Iuri Sanson has a perfect power metal voice as clear and clean as a mountain stream.

ETERNITY’S END keep the “power” in power metal here, as the songs are all fast and metallic, with an almost raw guitar sound at times, but the melodies are ever present. You will hear a lot of soaring BLIND GUARDIAN style chorus harmonies, especially on “Arcturus Prime” and “Bane of the Black Sword”, but that’s mixed with the speed and power that IRON SAVIOR brings to their songs. That’s not such a surprise when you learn SAVIOR’s Piet Sielck had a hand in working on the album. Good European power metal is not easy to do, but it comes effortlessly to ETERNITY’s END. Even the 9 minute plus title track, which I thought would be a sappy ballad, is great all the way through, with amazing guitar duels, sweeping arpeggios and even a doomy feel.

If you’re hungry for a gloriously over the top power metal experience delivered with skill and fury, do not pass up this album!