KREATOR “Hatred Über Alles”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Those expecting a redo of “Endless Pain” can hit the bricks. KREATOR in 2022 is a different band than 1984/85. The nostalgia brigade will no doubt hate this album, but there are definitely traces of older, thrashier KREATOR here. The production on this is the super shiny and clean version we expect from modern Nuclear Blast bands. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have minded more grit on this record myself.

After the strange spaghetti Western intro “Sergio Corbucci Is Dead”, the title track announces that Mille still remembers his roots. This is pretty slicing thrash, reminding me of something off “Extreme Aggression” or “Coma of Souls”. “Killer of Jesus” is in much the same mode and had me believing this was going to be hammer-down all the way. Well, “Crush The Tyrants” slows the pace significantly, with more of a mid-paced crunch.

Then we change over to the more melodic and composed sound KREATOR has been doing on their last few albums. This is where they will lose the diehards, but maybe gain respect in other quarters because they are willing to experiment. “Strongest of the Strong” is super catchy, almost commercial in its chorus, as is “Become Immortal”. Despite its aggressive title, “Conquer and Destroy” comes across as sappy and overproduced. The female vocals of “Midnight Sun” are something new and will throw some for a loop. It’s sure different for this band.

“Demonic Future” is pretty typical modern KREATOR, nothing special, but “Pride Before The Fall” turns the intensity way up with a snappy pace before the album ends with the long, slow and somewhat progressive “Dying Planet”.

It’s a bit of a tour through all phases of KREATOR since the 90’s. I prefer it to their last couple of albums but can’t disagree strongly with those who say things are just too clean. Put this one in the middle of the KREATOR pack.