MORBID MESSIAH “Disgorged In the Coffin”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Straight from Mexico, directly into your skull...pure rotten and brutal death metal! Some of the best and nastiest heard in 2021. No fan of corpse-munchers like ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, NECROT or UNDERGANG can dare pass this putrid EP up. With no muss or fuss, MORBID MESSIAH live up to the ghastly mess portrayed on the cover here.

Once the opening sample is disposed of, the band plants their spade in graveyard dirt and starts digging away. OK, OK, the riffage here may be somewhat familiar, but in a good way and these guys pay tribute without being a total ripoff. The production is 100% PERFECT for this kind of material...the “morbid” part of the band name is honored in every song. That’s what makes this DEATH metal, right? And when you have song titles like “Dungeon of Vermin”, “Grinded To the Carnage” and “Angel of Disembowelment”, you have to live up to them. And MORBID MESSIAH does!

These guys would be great on a bill with CEREBRAL ROT and NECROT! Look forward to hearing more sickening mayhem from MORBID MESSIAH!