MEGATON SWORD “Might And Power”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Switzerland’s true metal warriors MEGATON SWORD ride back into battle with axes held high. I last encountered these guys a few years back with their EP “Niralet”, which showed some definite promise. Has it been realized with “Might And Power”?

The biggest improvement here is with the vocals of Uzzy Unchained (yes, I cringe at that as well), which were so nasal on “Niralet” that I thought the guy was sucking helium. Mr. Unchained has made good strides in the vocal department and now has a more mature and varied attack. Although there is still some awkward phrasing and English is obviously not his first language, things don’t sound as forced and he’s a lot easier to take. As for MEGATON SWORD’s music, it remains resolutely in the epic MANOWAR/OMEN/MANILLA ROAD vein but there’s a bit more variety. That’s most notable on the two semi-ballads, “Raikaszi” and “Babe Eternal”, which have acoustic and even AOR touches. Piano makes itself heard on “Babe Eternal”, which is a bit on the sappy side but still retaining metal bite.

The pace is more plodding this time, without the constant gallop found on “Niralet”. “The Raving Light of Day” and “Iron Plains” crunch forth in measured fashion, which I think adds thickness to MEGATON SWORD’s sound. Only “Might” rips out in speed metal fashion and is more...well, mighty because of it. If you don’t need every song to be fast and furious to work, then “Might And Power” should be up your alley. Ride on, warriors..