DE PROFUNDIS “The Corruption Of Virtue”

By Theron Moore

Why DE PROFUNDIS isn’t bigger or more talked about in the world of metal, I don’t know, I don’t have an answer. Truth be told, DE PROFUNDIS is among the top five most important and most relevant metal bands in the genre as we speak. Their new opus, “The Corruption Of Virtue”, is nine tracks of epic death metal on par with anything the late Chuck Schuldiner and DEATH ever did.

And that’s a point which is highly relevant when talking about this album. This isn’t fast food CANNIBAL CORPSE. This isn’t retread DEICIDE. It’s original and unique in that it stands out from the pack. In other words, it isn’t your typical down tuned, low growl fare.

All nine tracks on this album are steeped in a musical intensity which lead to a natural path of brutality and aggression stemming from the root of the music itself. Nothing feels forced or contrived here. I connect with every song and note of music, I get where this band is coming from creatively, it rings out loud and clear. Take the track “Embrace Dystopia,” for example. It’s a sheer wrecking ball unto itself and the (sonic) damage is real, it crushes you as a listener. SLAYER would beat you down with riffs and speed. DE PROFUNDIS does it with the sheer power of how they create and arrange songs.

For lack of a better way to describe the music on “The Corruption Of Virtue”, it’s elevated death metal, not afraid to go prog or tech, not afraid to explore the classic Floridian sound, and not afraid to launch a full out sonic assault when required. And none of their musical identity is compromised. If anything, it’s built stronger. “The Corruption Of Virtue” is the band’s best record to date and a must buy. Do not let this one pass you by. It’s an easy 5/5 stars.