MUNICIPAL WASTE “Electrified Brain”

By Theron Moore

Good news for MUNICIPAL WASTE fans, the Richmond, VA thrashers have a new record out entitled “Electrified Brain” and it sort of sounds pretty much like every record they’ve released since their formation in 2001 which – in a way – makes them the AC/DC of formulaic crossover, I guess. In a way it’s OK because if you dig the WASTE boys you’ll enjoy the mandatory song about beer (“10 Cent Beer Night”), the super scary track about a cemetery (“Grave Dive”), and the horror film inspired “Paranormal Janitor”.’

The songs aren’t fresh or offer anything new but the energy and vibe of this band is much appreciated. On “Electrified Brain” the Wastoids deliver a little over thirty minutes of short punky, crossover blasts sure to satisfy fans of D.R.I and the humor of S.O.D. I like the fact that MUNICIPAL WASTE have figured out how and what to deliver to their fans but I do tire of the same old thing recycled over and over again. I think I said the same thing about METALLICA back in the 80’s and the next thing I knew we as fans were being force fed “The Black Album” so maybe I should rethink this comment.

“Grave Dive”. “High Speed Steel”, and “Ten Cent Beer Night” are standout, entertaining songs. The rest of the tracks on “Electrified Brain” just kind of melt into each other. Like I said before, if you’re a fan of MUNICIPAL WASTE you’ll like this album. If you’re looking for something with more depth and bandwidth I’d look keep looking. The strength of The WASTE is who they are as a live band, first and foremost. “Electrified Brain” is…a good reason for Municipal Waste to tour. I’ll stick to “Slime And Punishment”.

On a scale of 1 to 5 Skanker Mans: 2.9