MOS GENERATOR - “Time // Wounds”

By Solomon G

“Time // Wounds” kicks off in a most melodic and pleasantly non-genre-specific style; a retro-radio leaning composition, Aja-Minor. Hell, if radio were even a thing these days, MOS GENERATOR would be RUSH-level arena-rock superstars on the merits of this opener alone. It’s pretty fantastic, and I say with the least amount of irony or snark possible: I haven’t heard much ROCK music this progressive and lively in decades. MOS GENERATOR never cease to amaze me.

Ooh, and inching ever closer to late-70s RUSH-style compositional pyro and good-ol’ analog daze production on the second track! Good lord - is that a real Mellotron!? Subtle time-changes, tonal-shifts, and proggy-styles galore.

AND the album continues on in an intriguingly similar vein for three more tracks [“Getting Good At Revenge” is the barnburner of this release] until the fifteen minute album closer “Until We Meet Again” (parts I-iv); a no-less ambitious track, yet definitely more alongside the heavy/pensive material MG is so killer at. This track is, indeed, a Magnum Opus, and cruises at a pace that belies its length.

MOS GENERATOR  is absolutely their own thing altogether. Having seen them live a couple of times, I came into “Time // Wounds”’ knowing the band are a group of real players, and fucking heavy! You know, the kind of freaks who play music because it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever experienced doing, foremost, and above all connected, business-related enterprise. Listen to those guitar-chords! Those amazing bass runs! The sheer musicality of this band!

It’s my hope that there are still plenty of music lovers who can and will appreciate this kind of semi-forgotten levels song-craft. It’s fine quality stuff: the tones, the riffs, the excellent vocal harmonies, the production is off the fucking hook - such a full tonal range from the speakers. The level of thought put into this recording really caught me off guard, though I’m not sure why. These dudes have always brought it, live and on record.

MOS GENERATOR’s “Time // Wounds” is the sound of a band precisely in their own zone, and very comfortable there - each an irreproducible component of the MOS GENERATOR  engine, sometimes cruising - sometimes racing - to their own destiny.

And the album closes to the awesome audio spectacle of smoking valves. Dig.