DESECRESY “Unveil In The Abyss”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is just a superb work of Finnish death/doom. Finland has had a great tradition of death metal going back to the very origins of the genre, with bands like DEMIGOD and CONVULSE leading the way. DESECRESY is as good as any of them. Seriously. This flows like magma over everything in its path, yet there’s structure and melody and melancholy wrapped up within all of it.

It’s good to start your album with a real banger and that’s just what “Rivers of the Nether Realm” does. It starts slowly, with a kind of sad dissonance, and gradually builds and builds into an assault of ever changing and crushing riffs. Just an enthralling track to listen to, with super crunchy guitar and bass on the foundation and sad, minor key lead guitar drifting on top. Vocals are really bestial mumbles that are as guttural as anything you can imagine. I think this first track is the best, but the others are by no means second rate. In fact, “Echo Beyond Time” follows immediately with another killer that brings the doom a bit more to the forefront.

That is the DESECRESY pattern. I kept trying to think of what those sad and somber leads reminded me of and finally it hit sounds like a lot of the leads done by BLUT AUS NORD. Now this band is nowhere near as avant-garde as BLUT, but the lead guitar does have a similar sound and approach. At any rate, there are 5 more bludgeoning, intriguing death/doom tracks here for you to lose yourself in. This is not to be missed!