INTOLERANCE “Dark Paths of Humanity”

By Dr. Abner Mality

More and more, I’m convinced that keeping things simple is the key to good death metal. Now I’m not going on a rant against all complex or technical DM, because there are bands that can do it well, but the good solid riff that sticks in your brain is the gateway to memorable death metal.

INTOLERANCE from Spain have learned this lesson well, from teachers like BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, BENEDICTION and probably a boatload of other decaying geezers. This band focuses on strong riffing and they also keep song lengths in the 3 to 4 minute range so you don’t get burned out. They also know how to mix things up within a song itself. Take “The Embodiment of Chaos”, for example, which is like a term paper for the BOLT THROWER 101 class. Start out slow and tank like with grumbling vocals, then half way through pick up the pace to a galloping lurch and toss in a brief guitar solo. Then gradually slow back down to the original speed. It may be derivative...and I’m guessing even INTOLERANCE will agree with that...but it’s damn effective. It also helps when you’ve got a good production...clean and heavy, but not too clicky.

We get 8 riff monsters total here, with the title track itself ending the album with one hell of an awesome mid-paced chug. Ending the album with a bang, that’s another good lesson they’ve learned well. In between, you get solid meat and potatoes death metal. I’d put this ahead of the last MASSACRE album myself. There’s so much of this stuff now, it’s hard to stand out, but INTOLERANCE has made a pretty good crack at it by staying with a classic formula.