VETUS SUPULCRUM “A Shroud of Desolation”

by Octopi Mills

Maurice De Jonge, the main force here, seems to be involved with many projects ranging from dungeon synth to different aspects of experimentation within metal genres. Here we have the album opening with a cinematic flair and staying there, moving into "The Black Raven's Croak". The promo states that this doesn't break any barriers and that it shouldn't, and this is well said. The music could fall under the yoke of today's dungeon synth camp of present and yester-year; indeed, it would fit there, but the whole thing sums up better to a soundtrack to a video game than falling back on the nostalgic glow of old low fi cpu games or classic tabletop background music.

The music is highly clear and polished and does not visit bygone eras in creating such sounds or square ones in the way some DS projects do. I can't really think of much to say about the album other than it might suit well the ears of someone who enjoys video games and it doesn't seem to belong very close to the sound of a film soundtrack. There is a voice that narrates passages here and there throughout the score, coming in at various moments when it wants, muddying up the doorstep with a sort of furry boot approach; the sort of thing that robs the warmth of the inner cabin. For those interested it appears to have been also released on a green cassette by Signal Rex.