JESTERS OF DESTINY “Distorting Everything”

By Octopi Mills

The group was started back in 1984 and it's hard to believe they are not more well known than they currently are. The first track starts out as a normal rock and roll song but one can tell something is different. "Luxifur" and "Anna Bella" shows the album turning more psychedelic and this seems to become more and more prominent as the album swells into something interesting by the end.

"Caregivers and Caretakers" is a ride of a song that has the strangeness of an old Doctor Who episode whilst "New Black Pair of Pants" gets into blues rock and roll and is the most distant compared to the others on the album. "Caregivers" was my favorite song on this album but I feel it will all warrant further listening to catch all the sounds and things going on all over a simple structure that tends to morph into more strange territories. "Your Lord Good God" is a good example of a plethora of sounds and feelings going on all over the place. "Lost In The Canals" is another good one that warrants a second listen, and the ending song of the album "Atrocity Queen" turns into a circus of mirrors and electric lights and is a fitting end to the album.

I must say this one surprised me and more so than in a while. There is a classic rock structure with a British sixties influence, vintage sound and production that is to be applauded and a whole electric, psychedelic style over it all that paints a very interesting and unique form of music. I would encourage the readers to give this one a try and I might need a few more listens to appreciate the full breadth of this album.