TOXIC RUIN “Nightmare Eclipse”

By Dr. Abner Mality

TOXIC RUIN hails from the burgeoning metropolis of Sheboygan, Wisconsin and are along with MORBID SAINT the town’s only death/thrash metal export. I’ve seen ‘em play and live, they can flay the skin right off your back. But this is my first encounter with their recorded output...does it measure up?

It’s a frenzied technical collision of extreme metal styles that takes no prisoners. Like the heavier DEATH ANGEL getting into a spitting contest with bands like GOATWHORE and SKELETONWITCH. Where the thrash ends and the death begins, is anybody’s guess but it’s fairly enjoyable trying to figure it out. The production is clear and meaty, allowing their playing ability to shine through. But where TOXIC RUIN maybe needs a bit of work is the memorability of the music. There’s no doubt the songs thrash like hell, but will it stay in your head past playing time? Hmmm, that’s a debatable point.

The most interesting tune here is “It of the Horrid Storm”, a 7 minute plus instrumental where the band’s technical playing ability really doesn’t hurt that ex-MEGADETH shredder Glen Drover helps out here. I detect a lot of mid-era DEATH in this one. Elsewhere, there’s no let up from tunes like “Voices of Death” and the title track. It’s just that the riffs don’t seem to stick as much as they should. I know TOXIC RUIN can deliver live. When they do learn the trick of catchier tunes and work that into their molten tornado of metal, they will be a mighty force indeed.