VOLCANDRA "Border World"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Smashing through a transdimensional rift somewhere in the vicinity of Louisville, KY we have this science fictional EP courtesy of VOLCANDRA. Many hours were spent playing "Halo" and "Warhammer" before this one was whipped up.

The band is described as black metal but could just as easily be called melodic death metal. Lots of sweeping arpeggios, neoclassical guitar licks and hammering drums mark their approach, with vocals that are somewhat harsh but fall short of pure blackness. It's a listenable enough effort, especially on the excellent tracks "Resonance Cascade" and "Guardian". The former steams along with epic riffs and a cool vocal attack where the vocalist goes "OOOOAAAGGGGH" in a dive bombing fashion. The latter has a soaring, triumphant feel that reflects the fantastic nature of the story being told.

As for the other tracks, "Tallon IV" is fast and melodic but not particularly outstanding while "Colossi" has a colder, slower feel which didn't work so well. Lyrically, this is right out of Warhammer, with tales of "draconic cyborgs" and various Lovecraftian beasties. If you're a gamer, you can give VOLCANDRA extra points. I'm interested enough to wait for a full length.