By Octopi Mills

Night music, with the k added on the end as a nod to that old sex magickian or English yore...The album opens with a dungeon synth sort of moment then goes to something that sounds akin to SATANIC WARMASTER in spirit; if I were to name drop, and I must. The second song, "Strains For The Restless Nights” is another dungeon synthish sort of passage, and the third opens with the same feel as mentioned before; the melancholic black metal of something like SMW or DROWNING THE LIGHT. The use of keyboards adds, as nearly always, a compliment to it when done right. The use of sombre and sad piano pieces weep a black ichor and they are employed well and of the orthodox manner when dealing with this sort of music. The production is clean but not overdone, something that is a hard balance and that can often spoil the atmosphere of such a brew. "As The Eternal Night Is Upon Us" does sound like it could be a DTL song...close, indeed, but this is not such a bad thing and I nearly wonder if one of the members may be akin to such an influence.

"Floating On The Sea of Drowned Desires" is a good example of aforementioned things and another great instrumental synth piece that is done minimally and well...perhaps my favorite so far. The next song cannot make me keep from repeating the same thoughts so I will not. "A Song for Lillien" makes love to some demoness with keys in sad lamentation from such an affair...doomed, tragic. This one nearly reminds me of the old band LAMENTATION, which I am sure will not be known except to a privileged few. All in all, this is not a recording that will be ground breaking, but it doesn't have to be, and it shines in it's instrumental pieces to show you someone was quite serious about it. This music would be great to anyone who likes the style of DROWNING THE LIGHT. The end piece lies dying like a black eel captured in a pool of seawater, imprisoned in a Satanic end and stringing itself like a lantern that burns away..