DODHEIMSGARD      “Black Medium Current”

By Octopi Mills

After some meandering around with specific moods; deep excessive ones, the music opens into a brooding black metal affair for a few seconds before becoming a hat rack to hang your thoughtless head on and then turns into a ice cream parlour stocked with darksome old men. In the promotional writings one can read Vicotnik talk about these deep things- philosophical things that sound a bit like something a modern psychologist would speak about and the album cover is a topic. I can only slyly laugh in a muted, strangled manner that is audible only to dogs... 

What a mess we have here....In much the same manner that ULVER went full lap dog, you can be sure these guys are not far away from such an artistic institution. The artist works in ways that art can engender  a concept of cauliflower and banana, and it can, somehow, become akin to a corndog candied and courted with a magic ice cream chocolate shell- it's these sorts of unfortunate combinations that spoil the broth. Like a pot of stew with an old boot inside, or in this case an old lady's gown, the concept is lost. I don't feel like I will be the one "who doesn't get it" or who misses the concept of the album art; no, I "get it" and I wish I didn't. 

Deeply lost in the vanity of their own artistic disease(s), we get a wedding here of superficial brooding and an artifice of human intellect. The tri-cycle ride of synth pop with the misshapen head of prog-jazz or whatever else the fellows fancy becomes a gray-side view of what would be a funny farm cum hotel resort for tourists watching men being led on leashes by handlers. After periods of brooding they lay strange eggs from their strange ovulations and menstruations brought to an audial pitch that nests insides one’s head and wishes to take the brain. One doesn't have to have a degree or doctrine to know that, once left alone with paint sets or crayons, things take a shape of their own and these guys have certainly done it here. I feel dumber than before after exploring the bun length of this one and one hopes that state isn't permanent.