VOIMATON “Profane Vestige”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sick...repulsive...putrid. Just a few of the adjectives that listening to VOIMATON conjures up in the mind. Oh yeah, add “crushing” as well. This is the sickest death/doom of 2022 so far.

I think they are a US band, even though their name is a Finnish word. Surely old Finnish death-rot like ABHORRENCE, DEMIGOD and old CONVULSE is near to their blackened hearts, because you can hear influence from that tradition here. Add in the barbaric trudge of filthy Chicago metal like CIANIDE and early USURPER and the pure sickness of degenerates like CEREBRAL ROT and TOMB MOLD. Now you have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the VOIMATON world.

From the first rotting chords of “Scalding Tendrils”, you are drowning in super distorted guitar riffage and bass sounds dredged from the foulest sewers. These guys generally like it slow and doom-drenched, although songs like “Bile” and “Phosphorescent Graves” show they can haul ass if needed. But they are most at home with funeral paced tempos and cuts like “Malebolge”, the title track and “Succumb” demonstrate their mastery of that art. Toss in revolting vocals drenched in reverb and you’ve got the whole VOIMATON death-doom package.

With about as much refinement and class as a week old dead possum lying alongside the road, VOIMATON deliver the goods when it comes to death the putrid way.