CASKET ROBBERY “Rituals of Death”

By Theron Moore

Wisco’s very own CASKET ROBBERY have a new record coming out November 11 entitled “Rituals Of Death” and (un)holy hell is it good. Finally, death metal worth talking about. Unfortunately, a lot of bands in this genre have been releasing records in the past few years which seem tired, without purpose, and complacent. I grow weary of bands going through the motions, trying to be retro, and vomit growling because their heroes in CANNIBAL CORPSE did it before them. How boring. And now there’s CASKET ROBBERY who jumped out of my headphones and bashed my skull in with their relentless and brutal sonic assault via “Rituals Of Death”. And that was just the first two songs!

CASKET ROBBERY’s sound is fierce, it has teeth. The music feels like an axe being swung at you while the vocals are the executioner swinging said weapon. If you took the essence of thrash and hardened that sound as far as it could go, fused it with death metal, and framed it against the loudest industrial process known to Earth, that’s how I would describe “Rituals Of Death”.

Megan Orvold-Scheider’s vocals are unlike anything you would expect would come out of a human... rather a demon or some entity out of Lovecraftian mythos. Dare I say Glen Benton should take notice? Standout tracks on “Rituals Of Death” include (but certainly aren’t limited to) “Don’t Forget The Eyes” "The Hidden…The Hideous," and the bludgeoning “Reanimate.” CASKET ROBBERY’s “Rituals Of Death” is the most original and hardest hitting death metal record of 2022. It’ll make my top ten end of year list for sure.

4/5 Stars