CONJURETH “The Parasitic Chambers”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Composed of scene veterans from bands such as GHOULGOTHA and ENCOFFINATION, CONJURETH stake their claim to an ancient form of death metal that draws a lot of inspiration from thrash. Indeed, “The Parasitic Chambers” hearkens back to a time when most DM sounded like DEATH and MORBID ANGEL mixed with old school thrash. The tracks here are juiced to the max and out for blood, hitting with cyclonic fury and produced in an archaic way that isn’t much heard anymore.

The song titles give a real good indication of the sound CONJURETH dabbles in...”Dimensional Ascendancy”, “Cremated Dominion”, “The Ancient Presence”. It’s not slicked up modern tech-death nor is it the knuckle-dragging “caveman” death that’s become so trendy in recent times. The riffing can sometimes be complex, but never overly so...tumbling arpeggios proliferate. Semi-melodic soloing peppers the tracks and the vocals are pleasingly raw without veerring into super guttural gurgles. “The Ancient Presence” has a kind of bouncy swing that makes it different from the other tracks while the last song “The Unworshipped II” is longer and much doomier, with wailing leads.

It’s a real enjoyable album for those folks who have been into death metal for more than a New York minute and also a good entry point for those newbies who are curious about the origins of the genre.