By Dr. Abner Mality

DUCKWALK CHUCK is certainly a...unique name. It does get your attention and separates itself from the huge pack of “typical” band names. The band hails from Norway, but I’m wagering that they are not a black metal band due to the name. And I’m right. They bill themselves as straight up hard rock n roll.

You will need to overlook the utter lack of originality here to enjoy the album. If you can do that, this emerges as a fun, two-fisted journey to the land of AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and MOTORHEAD. If I hadn’t known they were Norwegian, I would have sworn this was an Aussie band. The resemblances to Oz’s two biggest hard rock exports are unavoidable. The title track, “Ghost Town”, “Reckless Driver” and “Criminal Man” have the AC/DC-ROSE TATTOO crunch and swagger for sure, with gravel chewing lead vocals that remind me a bit of CHROME DIVISION. “It’s Only Rock N Roll” and “Shut Your Lights” are a bit faster and meaner in the vein of flat out MOTORHEAD...the solo section of the former track is so much like “Stone Deaf Forever”, it hurts. On the bluesier side, we have “I’m The Devil” and “World On Fire” that could probably please JOE BONAMASSA fans.

It’s all a quick and fun listen if you remove your brain, put it under the seat of your muscle car and hit the gas. DUCKWALK CHUCK is Friday night drinkin’ and brawlin’ music.