TERVEET KADET "Kaikki Kaikkia Vastaan"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Find out where your nearest lumber yard is and then locate the biggest buzzsaw they've got. Run into it full tilt while it's whirling at full blast...that's what listening to "Kaikki Kakkia Vastaan" is like. When you've been an angry thrashing punk band for about 40 years, you can distill your sound down to basic rage and anger like TERVEET KADET have done here. They are Finland's oldest and angriest punk band.

16 tracks here and only opener "Verenperinto" exceeds the two minute mark. That makes it an epic by these guy's standards. This is a short, ferocious colon cleanser of an album, chock full of tracks with impenetrable Finnish names. In some ways, it reminds me of the latest from ALL OUT WAR, which was similarly focused and fierce. But where ALL OUT WAR delved into black and death metal sounds, TERVEET KADET is much more punk based. There's thrash and even a touch of grind here, but the prevailing aura is rough, angry punk. Yet within that narrow confine, T.K. do vary their sound somewhat.

For example, "Virta" is utter brutality and could pass for old school grindcore. The following "Syva Tunne" is much more of a straight punk song, with a bouncy beat and hard rocking solo. "Terveena Sairaana" bolts out of the gate much like an old BENEDICTION song while "Haaskilintu" is like something G.B.H. or BROKEN BONES might have done. Not only is this album surgically fast and focused, but it's kind of a tour of many punk-based subgenres. The bellowing vocals are suitably bellicose and although the Finnish lyrics are incomprehensible, the singer is not talking about his girlfriend's puppy.

40 years in and still pissed. Put on your blindfold and pick a nice fat cigar when you stand in front of this firing squad.