NO/MÀS “Consume/Deny/Repent”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Who is up for some pit-inducing thrash/grind insanity? You say you’re ready, son? Well, step right up and get yerself a heap of NO/MÀS!

This is some spicy mayhem from Washington, D.C. with enough power to start another Capitol riot! Heard of these guys, but never actually “heard” them...until now! There might be a better combination of thrash metal and grindcore out there, but I honestly couldn’t name it. NO/MÀS have got this down to a science, with a perfectly proportioned combination of both styles. “Consume/Deny/Repent” doesn’t last all that long, but not one second is wasted! Imagine mid-period NAPALM DEATH smashing head on into NUCLEAR ASSAULT or SLAYER and toss in some Latino heat! 15 songs full of skanking riffs, slashing thrash, and killer blasts. The riffing is the strength of this’s not just total blur or speed for the sake of speed, but tracks with riffs that last for days.

I suspect there is a social justice component to NO/MÀS but couldn’t say for sure. The anger is certainly there. Lyrics seem evenly split between Spanish and English. There is a great Latino tradition in both thrash and grind and these guys are the latest torchbearers for that. They will beat you so senseless that you’ll be begging for more, not less!