SHAAM LAREIN “Sticka en Kniv I Varlden”

By Octopi Mills

Svart Records...always promotionally wordy...alas, this time I'll just hush potato gravy and shut my mouth. The female vocalist is said to be duly capable in vast artistic potentials and seems to be afflicted with the disease of being an artist. On another note I'll tell the story of Morgan...It was said they would snicker around when his dad fed him beers at the age of 12- young Morgan. Well, no one is snickering around now- not now that he has grown up tp be a 250 lb, 6 foot 5 alcoholic.

Many will wonder what this has to do with the review, and that would be a good point, yet there's a meaning, somehow...somewhere therein. This music is definitely diverse and covers a wide array of genres; metal hybrids, goth, alternative and makes like a kannelbullar bun with the flavors of more of a sort of variety pack which apes different contemporary themes with those of old tastes and feelings-funnelling into darker artistic reaches that set a different standard for the rest out there at the present and latter times. Darkly, creamy passages form like Semlor buns that run into cardamom cakes in sickly sweet delights-  things like this evoking passing images through windows on late trains. The manner of the way songs flow  here are dreamy and unsure...stranger waters to which I can neither ankle nor outright wade.