EVERMORE “Court of the Tyrant King”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Looking for power metal cliches? Brother, you got ‘em. Italy’s Scarlet Records is well known for the fluffier end of the true metal spectrum and Sweden’s EVERMORE do not disappoint with their new album “Court of the Tyrant King”. If you are looking for the absolute template of European post-HAMMERFALL power metal, play “The Last Command” and “By Death Reborn”...those songs were put together by an algorithm for that kind of music.

Although the opening paragraph might come across as harsh, EVERMORE is far from the worst Euro power metal band I’ve heard. For example, this record is much heavier and more robust sounding than the latest from labelmates FELLOWSHIP. And although the cliches come thick and fast, this band at least has more dignity than silly garbage like VICTORIOUS. This is a metal album, with a lot of energy and a thick, sturdy production. “Call of the Wild” (probably the 5435th metal song with that title) and “See No Evil” (also more than familiar) have an almost comforting familiarity to them. And Johan Haraldson has great nasal vocals with a lot of energy and pop.

The fast slamming drums, cheery choruses, sweeping guitar, piercing vocals and uplifting lyrical themes are all here. EVERMORE deliver Euro power metal with some gusto that makes up for its utter lack of originality.