RUNNING WILD “Blood On Blood”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With Cap’n Rock N’ Rolf at the helm, RUNNING WILD seems to have learned how to stay in their proper sea lane. Stick to what you know, experiment just a little bit and you can stay the course and avoid any mutiny with the crew. “Blood On Blood” is another pure RUNNING WILD record that generally sticks with the trademark style of MAIDEN-like gallops, LIZZY-style twin guitar harmonies, big choruses and a kind of Celtic/folkish feel that typifies pirate metal.

The title track has a cheerful sound to the guitar melodies, which is another RUNNING WILD characteristic. In contrast, “Wings of Fire” and “Say Your Prayers” have a grittier, crunchier tone that calls back to the band’s earliest days. But it’s the galloping licks of “Diamonds and Pearls”, “Crossing The Blades” and “The Shellback” that are the bread and butter of this voyage. As familiar and yes, even as overdone as they are, this is the wind in RUNNING WILD’s sails.

One really cool diversion from the norm is “One Night, One Day”, which has an almost hymn-like sound with its simple repeating lyrics and vocal melodies. It’s a bluesier tune where the THIN LIZZY influences come to the fore and for me, it’s the highlight of the album.

Things wrap up with the expected epic in “The Iron Times” and this is one of the better ones from the band’s recent history, with an elaborate riff and unforgettable chorus. To tell the truth, “Blood On Blood” sticks to formula, but it’s a perfected formula and exactly what RUNNING WILD fans crave.