DEAD WILL WALK “A New Day of Dawning” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

The snarky tones of The Cryptkeeper introduce us to DEAD WILL WALK and their “A New Day of Dawning”. That tells you pretty much where these Dutchmen are coming from. Like a lot of Dutch death metal, this is groovy, catchy, primitive and real easy to get into. Of course, the originality quotient is zero…

Despite this, it’s a fun listen. The general sound is somewhere between ASPHYX and SINISTER and bounces along pretty well. The pace will often slow for more mid-paced or even doomy riffs, but I wouldn’t call this death-doom and there’s no real draggers like ASPHYX purvey. As for favorite tracks, the quality and listenability is quite consistent, so that’s hard to come up with, but “Nightscream” caught the faster end of DWW well while “Headstone Tales” handles the slower side.

The subject matter is beyond tired, but there is something almost genial about how DEAD WILL WALK approach their music and that keeps this entertaining. Good gruesome fun for OSDM fans…