By Dark Starr

What happens if you take a classic old 1950s black and white film and it give it a deluxe Blu-Ray treatment? Well, I can't tell you what happens every single time, but in the case I'm writing about, you get a new Special Edition of "The Bat." Let me say right at the start, that I don't consider this a horror movie. It is spooky in some really cool ways, though..

This feature was originally released in 1959 and stars Agnes Moorhead and Vincent Price. It's largely a gothic mystery tale. A writer played by Moorhead rents a mansion that in the past was the site of a number of murders committed by an unknown assailant known only as "The Bat." He's said to have no face and steel claws. When we do see the Bat, the costume fits that description, too.

Add in a million dollars in stolen money that is being sought and an intriguing cast of characters, and the stage is set. This is apparently a newly restored print of the film, and it looks very good. The story is fun, and complex. There are a few plots weaving together, and it really keeps you guessing until the end who The Bat is. I actually only figured it out right at the climax when I heard The Bat's voice, mainly because I have a thing for placing voices, and I recognized it.

This also includes some interesting bonus features. There is the usual audio commentary track, but there is also an essay on the film. A featurette about the writer and director Crane Wilbur is included, too. I found that to be quite interesting.

For me the real winner in terms of bonus features, though, is the fact that it includes a number of old-time radio shows starring Vincent Price. I like those things, so having a bunch of them on the disc really is a great bonus. All in all, this is gem of a movie and package. It might not be horror, but it's definitely spooky fun.