ABSCESSION "Rot of Ages"

By Dr. Abner Mality

ABSCESSION approach death metal with the skill of a master surgeon, wielding guitars like scalpels with precision. The way these guys mix subtle melodies into otherwise skull-smashing battering rams adds interest and while the band is not wildly original, neither are they just another Swedish death metal knockoff. Fans of EDGE OF SANITY and DESULTORY will find a lot to like here.

They also keep things very brisk. The song lengths are just right and only the title track exceeds 5 minutes. A good introduction to the ABSCESSION way comes on the very first cut "Rat King Crawl", which blasts away like a dose of sonic napalm but gradually develops some very cool melodic guitar tendencies that don't dilute the heaviness. Many of the songs here follow that pattern, with :"Prometheus Unbound" and "Rains of Death" being two more good examples. The title track has one of the most abrupt and extreme shifts from total crunch to soothing melody that I've ever heard. It literally goes from DISMEMBER-style barrage to relaxed piano and clean vocals in one second. It comes across really cool despite the jarring shift.

Last track "Eta Della Putrezione" is mostly a synth based instrumental with just a touch of guitar. The album probably could have done without it, yet even this track is not a total throwaway. I highly recommend "Rot of Ages" to Swedish death metal fans looking for something just a tad different.