MEDUSA TOUCH "Insaniteyes"

By Dr. Abner Mality

MEDUSA TOUCH is a Scottish band that worships the glory days of the NWOBHM. They rigidly follow that playbook and don't apologize for it. The result is "Insaniteyes", an album that could have easily come out in 1982-84.

What exactly is that playbook? Well, play songs with some speed and aggression (but not too much), add melodic vocals and catchy, multi-tracked choruses, and season with some wailing solos. That covers what you'll hear here. What classic bands does MEDUSA TOUCH bring to mind? I got an overwhelming feel of TYGERS OF PAN TANG from some of the snappier tracks. There's also a touch of classic JUDAS PRIEST to the likes of "Money Shot" and "Dancing Angels". The vocalist has a good voice for material like this...easy on the ears, not too many high shrieks or growly bits. Songs like "Asylum" and "Get Down" are as familiar as old hound dogs that run to lick your hand. Even well worn riffs like the one that starts "When The Poison Flows" can be forgiven, although the obligatory ballad "Secrets Never Told" is as by the numbers as it gets.

It's tough to dislike this album if you have any feelings for the great NWOBHM era and names like ANGELWITCH, DIAMOND HEAD and even obscurities like CRUCIFIXION. That's the world MEDUSA TOUCH inhabit and they fit in it very well.