ARTHUR BROWN “Long, Long Road”

By Octopi Mills

This year sees longtime eccentric ARTHUR BROWN releasing a new album on double formats of cd and vinyl. There's a feeling of going back to a certain classic age when listening to this recording as Brown carries with him from all he's learned from the old era(s) and sees him handling various instruments. There is an undeniable Sixties vibe inherent in the composition making for an interesting sort of nostalgic formula that is authentic.

"Coffin Confession" comes across with a good amount of theatrical ambiance with a spooky Halloween-like narration. Music is complete with compliments from horns and piano arrangements , here and there all set to the wild vocals of this legendary fellow. There is the unique mix of a clean guitar style going on here that makes a certain mark to set the music aside. I can't help but wonder what a collaboration would have been like with BROWN, ROKY ERICKSON, and SCREAMING LORD SUTCH; ah, but that is another matter…

The songs are strange enough in a normal sort of way with an air of originality not seen in these days and trying times. The vocals are handled with an eccentric quality Brown is certainly already known for in "I Like Games".

"Without ARTHUR BROWN, there would be no ALICE COOPER." ALICE COOPER has said...I certainly can see it. "The Blues and Messing Around" sounds like a nearly typical classic blues rock song until Arthur adds the antics and instantly makes it something not of the norm. There are little strange, unorthodox things in the songs that add a feeling that isn't of the ordinary, boring, sterile studio experience. "Long, Long Road" comes near the end, sounding like like it came straight from a time capsule or warp. A unique sounding album that shows the man still doing relevant things with his legacy.