ACT OF IMPALEMENT "Infernal Ordinance"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Uglier than Rosie O'Donnell at 5 A.M., ACT OF IMPALEMENT pile on the filth on their second album. Straight out of Nashville they are, which is not a town I associate with festering and sushi raw death metal. They sound to me like they should be from Chicago, because there's ugly Chi-town stench of bands like MASTER, CIANIDE, BONES, BEAR MACE and more wafting about this one.

Forget phony "primitive" death metal like SANGUISAGABOGG...that's for the trendies and this is more of the real deal. This thing sounds like it was produced in Leatherface's kitchen, with a kind of immediate rawness that's hard to fake. Listen to the MOTORHEAD dragged through the swamp bass sound that starts off "Bogbody" if you need proof. As ugly as ACT OF IMPALEMENT's sound is, there's a fiendishly catchy groove to tracks such as "Specters of Unlight" and "Creeping Barrage". That's where comparisons to CIANIDE and old BOLT THROWER are warranted.

Those are primary influences but not the only ones. There's also good old blasting death to be founding in the opening of "Summoning The Final Conflagration" and even a touch of blackness to "In Wolflight". But the overall feeling of griminess to "Infernal Ordinance" will leave you feeling like you need a shower. Not a bad thing, in my book.