HASEROT “Throne of Malice” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

New Texas death metal band HASEROT has strong roots in former doom metal outfits like SANCTUS BELLUM, BLUES FUNERAL and DOOMSTRESS so it’s no surprise there’s a sizable dose of gloom to debut EP “Throne of Malice”. The leaden trudge of first cut “Forging the Ossuary” reeks of CANDLEMASS at its heaviest, which is no bad thing in my book.

From there, it’s a mix of classic American death metal tones with a frosting of doominess on top. “Incantations at Dusk” brings more rage to the mix, while the remaining three cuts are a mixture of tempos with strong riffs and excellent clear production being trademarks. The guitar soloing has a melodic touch...it’s not just banging the wang and doing pinch harmonics. The vocals are harsh all the way through, providing more of that death metal edge.

No shocking revolution in the metal world here, but yet another solid outing from the reliable Redefining Darkness label. I look forward to a full length from these guys.